about estuary


Hi. I'm Schltz. I'm a classically trained music professor living in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is my debut album, Estuary.

One day I was having burritos with one of my students. He had just released his first solo album. He told me that for the first time he had made music that he wanted to jam in his own car. I was vexed. 

In my musical life up to that point I had written a number of interesting and aesthetically satisfying pieces--and a lot of uninteresting, aesthetically disappointing pieces as well. However, I had never written anything that inspired me enough to listen to *for enjoyment* in my own car. Not really anything that came close. I hadn't even realized that this was something I wanted to. 

Until now.

Estuary is a confluence of multiple musical experiences. The tracks on this album are influenced by my grounding in the world of academic concert music, my explorations as an experimental art musician and technologist, my saltier times as a baritone saxophone player in jazz, blues and country bands, and my current life in which I am a professor of music production and beat making. I find the music on this album to be true to all of these influences, without having denied anything from any of them. This has been satisfying, and I finally have written something I want to listen to in my own car.

I hope you enjoy.




1 - You Shouldn’t Have Said That
synthesis, programming, fender rhodes - Schltz

2 - Bug-Eyed Sorceress
saxophones, percussion, synthesis, programming - Schltz
percussion - Ray Castrey

3 - What I Am
vocals, synthesis, programming - Schltz
electric ukulele, percussion - Ray Castrey

4 - Tongue and Groove
tank drums, whistles, jaw harps, synthesis - Schltz
percussion, whistles, jaw harps - Ray Castrey

5 - Cacti
mbira, programming - Schltz

6 - Lied
piano, synthesis, programming - Schltz

7 - Somehow Religious
synthesis, programming - Schltz

8 - Origin
poem - Julie Bloodworth
chant - Andie Bottrell
programming - Schltz

9 - Relationships
mountain dulcimer, programming - Schltz


All tracks written and produced by Schltz, except track 3

“What I Am” written by Edie Brickell, Kenny Withrow, John Houser, John Bush, John Aly, published by Geffen Music

Recorded at Big Electric Audio, SLZ CA and One Ear Studio SGF MO

Tracks 1, 2, 4-9 mixed by Schltz

Track 3 mixed by Michael Rosen at East Bay Recorders, Berkeley CA

All tracks mastered by Piper Payne at Neato Mastering, Oakland CA. Assisted by Chris Hughes.

Dedicated to Ivy & SRS