You can pay to listen to Estuary in a number of different ways.




Downloading Estuary can be done in the usual places like iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, etc.

If you'd like to buy Estuary in hi-res .wav or flac format, Bandcamp is the best (only) place for that.





If you're old school and want to buy Estuary on CD, you'll be treated to some aesthetically lovely design (by Schltz) and eco-friendly packaging made of recycled water bottles. You can order physical CDs of Estuary through Bandcamp

A couple things about that:

  • Bandcamp = you pay a little extra for shipping
  • Bandcamp takes a 10% cut of all sales.
  • Bandcamp = buy a CD and get the digital download of the album for free, available in hi-res.
  • Bandcamp orders actually come to me, personally. When you order, I actually will drop a CD in the mail directly to you. As such, shipping from me won't come with the rabid haste and punctuality that Amazon offers (no drones), but it will come with love and respect and immense gratitude, and maybe a personal thank you note.
  • Bandcamp allows you to pay more than the asking price of the download or CD. So, if you are feeling generous and want to reward all of the hard work, musical effort and personal sacrifice that went into the making of Estuary, you can give me as much money as you want through Bandcamp! 





Estuary can be found on all of the streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, GooglePlay, Tidal, YouTube, etc.

For what its worth, not that I'm in this for the money, but Apple Music pays artists the biggest cut of all the streaming sites. It is still not very much, but iTunes is quite a bit better than the rest in terms of payout to artists and labels.





If you'd like to order Estuary on vinyl, I am happy to arrange that for you. The cost will be about $2,000, delivery time will be about 3 months.

Kidding. But seriously, if someone out there wants to front $2,000 for 300 vinyl pressings of Estuary. I will actually buy 10 copies of it myself and give you 90% of all physical sales after order #11 (up to 300). Lets make a deal



However you listen to Estuary, I'm grateful for your interest in my music! Thank you!